esmaspäev, 11. märts 2013

When it's cold outside...

I have had enough of this winter. One day it's warmer and then the other day it's cold again. Very cold. Of course I have caught a runny nose too. I have had enough of my runny nose, because it has been with me for a week now.

I'm starting to think that I want to move somewhere warm. Oo, warm. I hate to wear those uncomfortable clothes. When you want to go somewhere you first need to put on many layers of clothes: warm underwear, tights, wool socks, thousands of t-shirts and sweaters...Then ski pants, scarf, jacket, gloves, hat..Oh boy, oh boy.. I just want to wear my skirts, dresses and feel nice.

Ooooo, I just can feel that warm air...Ooo!

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