laupäev, 13. aprill 2013

Human being is such a disaster

I still can't figure out why humans act so stupidly. Oh god, why, why??

At first a would like to say that no one respects a customer service consultant. You're guilty in every thing what's wrong in your shop (or sometimes in ALL the things what happen). This is so exhausting. Maybe sometimes, dear customers, you just could think like a normal person and that everything couldn't be so perfect. After all we all are just humans and we all do mistakes. We aren't like robots and can't do everything so fast. Anyway who does appreciate that what we do every day? All that hard work..No one will even notice. Okay, this is actually another topic.

About that of what I really wanted to write...

Today a had a shorter day and after work I went to buy some stuff in my own shop. Yeah, I really think that even though I work in a shop as a customer service consultant, then that doesn't make every customer my friend. Even though I see some customers every day. YOU ALL AREN'T MY FRIENDS, YOU ARE JUST A STRANGER TO ME!!! Oh god, why is that so hard to understand?

Okay, to the point now.

I was standing in the line to pay(I was already in my usual clothes, not anymore in my work clothes and had my umbrella with me)  and then one older man entered. He stared to pull my umbrella and talking about somthing like: "Oh, when you go outside with that big umbrella, you take off the ground." and still pulling my umbrella even harder... And then I started to get really angry, but I didn't say anythind, just payed my money and went home. I was thinking that this was very rude. That's like... I don't go to some stranger and start to pull his/hers wallet talking: "Oh, why do you have so much money?" I don't understand those people... Do they don't get.. WE ARE STRANGERS TO EACH OTHER!!

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Yvonnion ütles ...

Okey.. this was really odd.. I'm so sorry u have to work there.. I have to get you out of there! Even tho u have a lovely house and husband u hae to get out of there. I don't know how but I wanna help you!
Luv ya!

(that comment was not only for this post)


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