pühapäev, 7. aprill 2013

Let's do that: Workout!

I'm trying to workout a long time now. Okey... It's terrible, because I train regular for a few weeks and then I just... Give up or don't want to do that anymore. In the beginning it's always hard to find time to workout and it's exhausting, but after two days or so it becomes a habit... But.. Like last month i gived up on this, because I was sick and after getting well I didn't find any reasons to start again. But when I start to dig in the Internet and find some (actually there are thousands of sites) very pushing tumblr sites with very very inspirational pictures of training, eating etc. So... It's time to deal with my problem. Like there was said on one picture that I found: "You're only once young, so you might as well look as hot you can."
And just to say, I don't want to lose so much weigth as I want to have a fit body. ;)

I usually do those workouts on YouTube:

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