pühapäev, 14. aprill 2013

No one really knows

No one really knows what's going on inside me, my real problems, 'cause I don't talk about them very often. Very often am I the one who listens to my friends problems and trying to give any advice to them. And trying to hide my owns.

My life is like a mess right now, but others might think that everything's fine. I have my work, a great home and husband and my dog & cat. Lovely! On the outside, yeah. Honestly, I even don't want to talk about that.Even though I don't know how do handle that problem what I have.

I really want to move away from Estonia and I want to get a better payed job. This is so f-ing terrible what's going on in here with the salarys. The salarys don't match that hard work we do and when we think that all foods are getting more and more expensive, not even mention all the clothes adn such things like medicaments and so on.
I don't get it. It's really like:

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