laupäev, 3. august 2013

Dentist & car driving

Okey then... last Friday on 26th July I went to a dentist to remove my wisdom tooth. I was a little afraid, but not too much, cause I already knew what to excpect.

At first she did some anesthesia injections, maybe about 4. Those were kind a painful, but not too much, tolerable. Then we waited about 15 minutes and with 5 minutes my tooth was out. No drilling, only a cut to my gum and where she made a stitch after. BUT... after maybe half an hour I felt such a pain that I thought I will collapse. So I took 2 painkillers and it was fine then.
Of course it was very difficult to eat, cause my mouth wouldn't open very much and I wasn't able to eat with both of my mouthsides.

I felt that pain for 4 days and for the first 2 days I took each day 3 painkillers and for the last 2 days each day 2 painkillers. Yesterday I went to the dentist to take off those stitches. Now I feel okey, but still am I afraid to eat with my both mouthsides.

And on that same day I was on my car training- how to drive on ice and how economically do I drive in the city.
On the ice we had 3 exercises and every one had to do each exercise 4 times. Okey, cones had been driven down and some spins were made, made my day.
After all that training was successful and now I have to wait for 24th of October, cause then I can do my application to get my new driver's license AND I get rid off my maple leaves (beginner driver).

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